USA, Germany and Taiwan Patents Mangetic Jet
The magnetic jet is made in Taiwan designed for pedicure spa bases. It brings pedicure spa sanitary to a whole new level. Absolutely can make sure that the foot spa is easy to be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Stainless shalf impeller with powerful magnets. 
DC24V Brushless motor auto off work if tank without enough water inside or jet nozzles is blocked.
High quality silicon keypad control with computerized control box which has 30 minutes timer
Magnetic pipeless jet

This is multi functions control box for spa base.

FOR switch power
for dc12v led light 
for spa dc24v motor 
for auto fill system 
for 2 in 1 silicon keypad 
spa control box for pedicrue spa

Auto Fill System for you

pedicure spa auto fill
Silicon Keypad

Auto fill control panel with silicon material keypads .

Red color

Auto fill sensor keep in red color before water reach it. 

Sensor in red

Auto fill pedicure spa sensor
Auto fill pedicure spa sensor
Sensor in green
Green light

Auto fill sensor becomes green color when water reach it  and motor runs. 

pedicure spa drain pump
Drain pump 

Professional drain pump for pedicure spa.  1/4 horse power motor for AC 11OV or 220V . It can discharge 20 Liter water within one minute. Even the drain hole on wall is no problem too 

Powerful AC motor 
One mintue timer 
One way valve attached 
keypad spa
2 in 1 keypad
Technician button
technician keypad
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