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It is easy to clean and disinfect. 

It’s absolutely crucial to thoroughly clean pedicure spa for client safety and to comply with regulations. All of spa bases installs pipeless magnetic jet in which water does not circulate outside of the tub.  USA , Germany and Taiwan patented magnetic jet system which impeller and housing comes completely apart to be cleaned and disinfected. The impeller has stainless steel shaft for long life guarantee and worry-less dry running. 

It is comfortable for your customers

Our shiatsu spa chair features includes seat and back that can be adjusted electronically on remote control and chair arms that can be lifted to make it easier to get in the chair. 
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about Magnetic jet
Magnetic pipeless jet
USA , Germany , Taiwan patented 
The magnetic jet is made in Taiwan designed for pedicure spa bases. It can brings pedicure spa sanitary to a whole new level. It is absolutely can make sure that the foot spa is easy to be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Features of  magnetic pipeless jet .

  • Detachable cap cover for easy clean. 
  • Unique design for powerful water whirlpool . 
  • DC24V brushless motor with UL/ CE certificated.
  • Motor auto off work if tank no enough water .
  • Motor auto off work if jet nozzles was blocked
  • Computerized with 40 minutes timer built-in. 
  • Easy detachable motor housing and motor . 
Technician Button

One keypad control panel installed on front of base. 

Technician can push the backward or forward button to control chair move  that is conveinece to technician job . 

The silicon buttons with chromed cover make sure it is high quality with long life . Keypad never broken with light on it.

pedicure spa technician button

Auto fill 

Auto fill pedicure spa sensor
A unique with patented auto control system for pedicure spa, technician only need to open faucet and water will keep comes out from spout , water will be turn off and whirlpool magnetic pipe less jet will runs automatically .
Our auto fill system sensor has light on it, water comes out when red light is keeping on. Water stop and motor runs automatically when sensor light in on green . It is very easy for technician to watch the light and prepare the next step pedicure service.
The silicon control buttons with chromed cover make sure it is high quality with long life . Silicon buttons never broken which also has lights on it
keypad spa
2 in 1 Spa Keypad
The keypad is silicon material .Long life and reliable quality. Turn on (off) magnetic jet and drain pump at a same panel. It is more sensitive and easy use . 
Chromed cover
Long life material 
Easy use with lights 
What We Do
Offer the best quality pedicure spa chair for  salons.
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